Privacy and personal data

  1. GoWorkaBit Estonia OÜ and GoWorkaBit Ltd, e-mail:, are responsible for processing personal data in the GWB online portal. Personal data are processed at the seat of GoWorkaBit Estonia OÜ in Estonia and GoWorkaBit Ltd in London, UK.
  2. GWB may collect personal data related to the user of the GWB’s Service by the Service Provider. Such data includes, above all, the name, contact details, current account numbers, résumé and photo of the Service Provider.
  3. GWB uses the personal data of the Service Provider for the following activities: transfer of data to the Client for the provision of the Service, exercising any rights and performing any duties and obligations arising from law.
  4. GWB does not disclose personal data to third parties without the consent of the Service Provider, except to the Clients of the Service, supervisory authorities, accountants and in events arising from law.
  5. GWB retains the personal data of the Service Provider only as long as it is necessary in the case of the collected personal data and required by law. Invoice-related data is preserved by GWB in accordance with the Estonian accounting and taxation acts for seven years as of their submission to GWB. Data on any legal transactions between GWB and the Service Provider may, in accordance with the general prescription term established to civil claims in the General Part of the Civil Code Act, be preserved for ten years as of their submission to us.