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Quickly and comfortably

1,2,3 and the job offer is ready and sent out. A few more moments and already our thousands of users will be looking at it.

Easy to make a choice

Even if you've never recruited before, you can do it like an expert now. And we even recommend you brag about it in front of your collegues ;).

We will do your work

All this awful paperwork and taxes! Take a free evening, we will do it ourselves. You just need to make a few clicks, no more.

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Who are the jobs directed to?

People who appreciate freedom of choice. The freedom to choose when and where they want to work, to match their work with their lifestyles.

active users
EUR earned
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Average age 27 years

In addition to controlling their own time people working through us also care about

Extra money
Work experience
New opportunities
New connections

70% - would work a few days

36% - would work for a week

41% - would work for a month

51% - study in university

43% - work

6% - other



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