HR startup GoWorkaBit. Why are we doing this?

Because we strongly believe that people should have the option to choose where, when and with whome they work. How work gets done is changing.

Working is no longer just a way to earn money, people expect more of it. Excitement, knowledge, opportunity to grow, new relations. To get all of this, they want to work in a new way. To participate in shorter projects and that approach applies to every work field. The regulations and rules that were fine 10 years ago, just don't work anymore. We want to bend those rules, maybe even break some once and for all :)

The story how GoWorkaBit

It´s a great example how opportunity meeting the preparation will create solutions that change the world.

  1. oktoober 2013

    "Garage48 Women Special" event took place

    In October 2013 "Garage48 Women Special" event took place, where Kei pitched the idea and met Gerli, Ethel and Ingrid for the first time. Flexible working subject was close to the heart for all of them and so the first GWB edition was born in 48 hours. Kristjan participated the same event as a mentor and joined GWB a few months later.

    Gerli Ethel Kei
  2. Year 2013

    One day we came with Kristjan (today the CEO of GWB) from a client-meeting in Baltika and as we heard once more the wish for an "action-team", we thought...

    what the hell, there is large amount of people, who need flexible working options and who would be willing to help out when the time is suitable. There has to be a way to connect those 2 sides.

    Kei Kristjan
  3. Year 2012

    Co-Founder Kei worked as an HR Consultant for several years

    She recruited people for different companies and saw their challenges in HR field. More and more companies needed extra personnel really fast for certain periods to get the work done.


Our team

Interest in the Future of Work is what connects our team. But we also like work to be fun and we want everyone else to have a chance to experience that. We have a dark sense of humor, we want to do things differently and we are not afraid to experiment. Sometimes things don't go as planned and that is totally fine. We love people.

Sometimes we browse our user profiles and just feel so happy that we're able to unite such a cool and special crowd of people.

Kei Karlson CHRO / Co-Founder
Kristjan Vanaselja CEO / Co-Founder
Gerli Veermäe COO / Co-Founder
Ethel Voites CTO / Co-Founder
Kati Zoobel Customer Support - Estonia
Triin Varrak Customer Support - Estonia
Siim Kallari Back-End Developer
Priit Hansen Front-End Developer
David Gegelija Web Developer
Oliver Vesi Marketing Guru - Estonia
Romet Vaino Sales Manager - Estonia
Helen Kokk Designer

These cool companies and 3208 more trust us

96% of our clients gave us the highest rating there is. And that makes us happy :)
95% of workbiters we find are excellent. The employers rated the quality of done jobs as very good. That makes both our clients and us happy :)

  • Schmitz Cargobull
  • Omniva
  • Prisma
  • Radisson
  • Sportland

Our backlog is filled with tasks that are a bit annoying, take too much time, but aren't necessarily difficult to do. These are the tasks we outsource to GoWorkaBit users.

Siim Maivel, CEO at Investly