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What are short workbites?

Here you'll find workbites where companies need assistance for shorter tasks. Maybe they have a special event coming up, someone got ill or something that's not part of their own employees' daily tasks needs to be done. These workbites last for a day or 2 and are at most a week long

What are long workbites?

Long workbites in the GoWorkaBit sense mean a few days to a few months. These are workbites where vacation replacements get handled, seasonal jobs get covered and other project-like tasks that require persistance from the workbiter get done

What is worksurfing?

Worksurfing is a life style. Through this you can earn your main income through GoWorkaBit and won't have to worry that maybe you won't be selected for a workbite. In the future we'll keep all workbites where the need for extra hands is constant (eg data entry, inventory taking, customer service in clothing stores etc). You only need to apply once and if you are chosen you can start just picking out and working on the days that work for you. You can select as many workbites as you'd like to get the work load that works for you

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