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What are small workbits?

Here you'll find workbits where companies need assistance for shorter tasks. Maybe they have a special event coming up, someone got ill or something that's not part of their own employees' daily tasks needs to be done. These workbits last for a day or two and are at most a week long

What are big workbits?

Big workbits are bigger bits of work that last a few days to a year. These workbits may be vacation replacements, seasonal jobs and other recurringproject-like tasks that require persistance from the worker

What are multibits?

Multibits are a bunch of related workbits. When you apply for a multibit and are selected, you'll get access to the work schedule and can add yourself in the slots that work for you. Without the hassle of applying again and waiting for the response.

Multibit Address Salary
Kauba komplekteerija Taevavärava tee 2, Lehmja, 75306 Harju maakond 7.2 EUR//h
Kui oled kiire ja korralik ning ei karda füüsilist tööd, siis oled just õige inimene meile! Saha tee 18, Loo, 74201 Harju maakond 5.9 EUR//h
What are job offers?

Here you'll find job offers where the employer is looking for permanent employee

Job offer Address Salary
Õhtune töö telefoniküsitlejale Maakri 21, 10145 Tallinn, Estonia by agreement