Job ads

How to reach the right person


The first way is to write a job posting like this.

We are looking for a person who can solve all the problems emerging in the modern world. The prerequisite for applying is higher education, preferably a master’s degree. Speciality is not important. And post it to all portals.


The second way is to contact GoWorkaBit.

We help you write a job ad that will actually draw interest and create trust. Most importantly, we’ll ensure your job posting reaches hundreds of suitable applicants.

So, there are two ways to search for a great worker, but only one way to find them.

A clearly-identified problem is a problem solved (almost)...

So you know you want to hire a new person -- awesome!

But before posting your job ad, you need to understand what the problem is and whether or not this would be better solved through hiring a temporary or permanent worker.

Is your business growing like crazy and your current team too small for new challenges? If this is the case, you probably need a full-time, permanent employee.

Have some of your staff fallen ill?

Are you having difficulties filling large orders? Has the workload temporarily increased? In these cases, a short-term, contract staff member would be ideal.

GoWorkaBit can help you find either, or both.

What kind of candidates can we find for you?

Every month, 1000 new job seekers register in the GoWorkaBit system, and we have more than 200,000 people with diverse skill sets in our database. Yes, you read that right - the population of two Tartu cities are willing and ready to work!

You probably already know that GoWorkaBit can help you find temporary work for simple tasks in warehousing, data entry, and so on. We also have thousands of specialists on our platform. While world-class surgeons might be hard to find, accountants, marketers, and sales and HR specialists, for example, are plentiful in the GoWorkaBit database.

When searching for suitable candidates, GoWorkaBit focuses on quality. We make sure you are reached by people who are great matches for the job. How? It's simple: We'll phrase and structure your job ad a way that weeds out applicants who are "blindly" applying for jobs or otherwise unqualified, so they don't waste your precious time.

Five steps to adding a job ad

Send us a link to an existing job post, and we’ll adapt it to make it suitable for our medium. Or, if you wish, you can enter all the details into our system yourself.

We help you write a job ad that creates excitement and trust for the candidates so that the best people find you.

We deliver your job ad to thousands of GoWorkaBit users. Interested candidates can then apply directly in our system. If your company has its own application site, we can guide people to that as well.

If you wish, we can support your offer with a social media campaign, and direct it to the right target group to increase the distribution of your new job ad. The price of this additional campaign is 50 € + VAT.

We’ll help you pre-select candidates according to agreed-upon criteria.

GoWorkaBit helps you find the best possible person for the job. Hundreds of Estonian companies have found good helpers – to work for a day, for a month, or forever.

How much does it cost? The price of a job ad for two weeks is 99 € + VAT.

If you have several job postings, ask our sales manager Diana Arualt for our bulk rate.
Contact her at or call +372 5611 0332.

1 job ad published for 2 weeks

1 job ad published for 2 weeks

99 EUR Order
1 job ad published for 2 weeks with social media campaign

1 job ad published for 2 weeks with social media campaign

149 EUR Order
5 job ads during 12 months

5 job ads during 12 months

445 EUR Order
10 job ads during 12 months

10 job ads during 12 months

845 EUR Order