Multibit Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Does your company have jobs with constantly fluctuating workloads?

Sometimes you need a person for a couple of hours only; at other times, you need that same person for three straight weeks. It's hard to find people who are flexible enough to accept this kind of constant change in their workload and income. And even if you manage to find these wonder-workers, managing them can be time-consuming and expensive.

So, maybe it's not always reasonable to hire a permanent worker... especially in a situation where one day you might have work for ten people, and the next only for two. Perhaps it would be helpful to have a team of people who are ready to come to work with a couple days' notice, and do exactly the amount of work that you need at that moment? Does this kind of team sound a bit like a fairytale, something like the seven dwarfs? If so, you've found your Snow White.

GoWorkaBit can help you quickly assemble your dream team - give them a few days notice and your seven (or seven hundred) hard-working dwarfs will show up with bells on!

Meet the multibits!

GoWorkaBit helps you assemble a special team of people who will show up on an as-needed basis. We call this team the multibits.

Hundreds of businesses just like yours have created their teams of multibiters in our system. Our multibiters are usually veteran users of GoWorkaBit - people who do workbits through us all the time. These are people who have, over time, established themselves as excellent workers in various positions, and their work performance can be trusted.

GoWorkaBit's multibits has been used by retail stores to find customer service workers, by warehouses to find labourers, and by production companies to find factory workers. Multibits are perfect for filling flexible, on-demand shift work positions.

Heigh-ho, heigh-ho ...

If it's a fairytale, then it's a fairytale, right? Can you really push a button and have seven dwarfs arrive on the doorstep in the next day or two? Well, almost… Get your laptop, open a browser and take a few simple steps:

Enter your request into the GoWorkaBit system. Describe the work that needs to be done, the time, the place, and the pay.

If needed, we can help you write your multibits offer. The more specific you are in describing your needs, the stronger the candidates will be.

Now you create your team. We’ll send the information about your workbit to thousands of people who have shown interest specifically in your sector, location and pay.

If you wish, we can support your offer with a social media campaign, and target it to ensure it gets to the right people. We recommend this if you are putting together a bigger team (10+ people). The price of this additional campaign is 50 € + VAT.

Those interested in your offer will notify you about it through our system. You will see their profiles, cover letters (i.e. why they want to work for you) and ratings for their previous work.

You choose the people you want to invite to your team. If needed, we can offer our advice here as well. Some companies want to do phone interviews with applicants, but the principle of seeing is believing usually works the best - you ask the worker to show up, they will work for a day, and you can assess their effectiveness based on the work they do.

Once you've assembled your team, you can simply add shifts into the work schedule whenever you need people. Your team members can sign up for the shifts they would like to work. You can also indicate the days when you are ready to take on new applicants.

We will invoice you only for the hours of work that were actually completed. We pay the workers ourselves; in addition, we declare and pay all the taxes, and register workers at the employment register. For you, this means zero bureaucracy, zero extra money and zero time wasted.