Find a job for exactly the place and time that suits you

GoWorkaBit helps you fit work with the rest of the activities in your life and lets you choose where and what kind of work you do. Here you can find various short-term job offers in good companies.

Lots of cool companies use GoWorkaBit to offer jobs. There's more than 2570 of them already.

YOU choose

You can experience unimaginable flexibility with GoWorkaBit. Work for a couple of hours, a couple of days or a couple of weeks - you decide. You choose the time you work, - the place you work at as well as decide what type of work you'll be doing. Let us know what type of jobs you're interested in and the suitable job offers will make their way to you without you needing to surf around on our page every day. Can't get any more convenient :)

"I wanted excitement and to change things up a bit. So what did I do? I quit my job and created myself a GoWorkaBit account :) Now I choose the place where I want to work at, the dates when I can go to work, meet new people and try out new things."
Helga-Liisa, former administrator
Has tried out 24 different jobs in 5 different categories

Earn some extra cash

Pick a job, finish it and get paid. The salary you earn will be sent to your bank account 14 days after you've completed the job. In addition to that we also take care of all the taxes so that all your social guarantees are continuously valid and that your pension fund payments are taken care of :)

"When it comes to GoWorkaBit I thoroughly enjoy that the workbites are not too long but instead fit really well together with the rest of the things that are going on in my life. Although most GWB users are young I still feel that I fit in here well regardless of the fact that I'm actually in my "golden middle age"."
Epp, former school recreational officer
Has tried out 8 different jobs in 3 different categories

Cool work experience

It doesn't matter if you're planning to apply only for jobs in a certain work category or will try out as many different jobs as you can, in GoWorkaBit we give you a chance to do both. There are enough offers for those who are looking for their first job as well as for those who already have experiences on the work field.

"I use GoWorkaBit to earn extra money while still studying. In addition I gain work experience and skills, meet different people and see behind the scenes. While helping others you get to discover what you're really capable of. Perhaps even find a job for a longer time period..."
Heidi, a sociology student in TÜ
Has tried out 15 different jobs in 4 different categories

Find a job for exactly the place and time that suits you

Start looking for jobs!

How does GoWorkaBit work?

Create your profile and find a suitable job

Write down what kind of jobs you're interested in and fill out your profile. After that you can either apply for a suitable job right away or wait until the coolest offers make their way into your mailbox.

Get to work

It takes just a few clicks to apply for a job. If you're chosen, you'll get a notification and then there's nothing else for you to do than to show up and get to work.

Get paid for your work

Once you've finished the job you need to let us know how many hours you worked and based on that you will get your salary payment in 14 days.