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GoWorkaBit helps you find good employees for your retail store. It works 24/7, just when you need help the most!

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High quality job seekers

Feedback and ratings quickly weed out poor performers. Employers who have used GoWorkaBit's services have been very satisfied with the workers they've found. They've given them a 9.3 rating on a 10 point scale. You can check the ratings, skills and previously done jobs from the candidate's profile.

"We have always found a lot of good people very fast. Our own slogan works very well with GoWorkaBit - one less thing to worry about :)"
Reet Ratas, HR manager at Prisma Peremarket
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It works 24/7

Find yourself extra workers when you really need the help - be it then the weekend or the middle of the night. GoWorkaBit does not shut down at 5pm on a Friday, just when you find out that you need extra help for the weekend.

"We need to find temporary staff all the time as people get sick and it's hard to find a fast replacement. Your service was very effective! Thank you! We believe this solution has a big future!"
Reelika Kruuse, Baltic Restaurants
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Automagical contracts and salary payments

GoWorkaBit is responsible for signing the contracts, paying the salaries and declaring the taxes. You just pick out your favorite worker and confirm the hours that were worked. No upfront costs. Only pay when a job is successfully completed.

"A fast and reliable service to hire temporary workforce. Afterwards you just pay the bill and that's it :)"
Eeva Adamson, HR manager at Nõo Lihatööstus
Workers found for 5 jobs already

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How does GoWorkaBit work?

Add a new job offer

Describe in a few words where, when and what kind of work needs to get done and in a matter of hours we'll connect you with the best people for the job.

Find the best worker

Pick your worker in just a few clicks. You don't have to worry about the contracts, the registration of workers or spend your time on a long hiring process. We've done all that for you already.

Work gets done

You can concentrate on the most important stuff and don't need to worry about the work not getting done in time. Once the work is done, you'll just get an invoice. It's as simple as that.